Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Badge # 23

I learned so much about my Nexus and some new apps by deciding to participate in "23 Mobile Things".
Thank you so much for sponsoring this activity....

Badge # 20

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

# 22 Discovering Apps

"Droid of the Day" was the app that I downloaded as I have an Android device and this app is a great way to find free apps in the Google Play store. I do like this app and may keep it on my device, but Google Paly also has a good search tool for finding free apps in many categories.  I feel this is kind of a duplicate tool.

#21 Free-for-All

One app that I use quite often is "Flixster" it is a fun app to view all movies opening this week...has a "rotten tomato" review list.   I have my local theaters listed and it shows me what is showing, what movies are coming soon, and times of the showings. It is a handy app to have...
The one app that I do use the most is Pinterest...everyone should become a member of Pinterest,  It is a mobile cookbook, craft book, gardening book, travel book, no matter what your interest is. Need an answer for an everyday problem ? Pin it and you will get your answer....

# 20 Games

I must admit that I am a big fan of "Candy Crush Saga" whether I like it or not....sometimes I wonder why?
I am currently stuck on Level 169...Right now I could use a little luck!!
A couple of other game apps that are fun are: Frozen Free Fall...following the new movie "Frozen" and one that young and old can play is "Pet Rescue Saga" 5 year old granddaughter loves this one..
Games are great, but do not spend $$ on getting new lives etc. That takes the fun out of it and could take a lot out of your pocketbook also...

# 19 Hobbies

As an avid gardener, flower and vegetables, I downloaded the "MyGarden" app. I love the plant overview info on any plant you are looking for...Love the pictures of each plant...I will be using this app, as we have a 3 season porch that overlooks my 3 large flower gardens, and I am always looking for a new plant (or plants) to add. Love this app!  Hmm.."Vivino Wine Scanner" app will also be downloaded..I enjoy a good glass of wine while watching the birds fluttering around my flower garden. In my opinion the 2 apps go hand in hand!